Satire Writers April Fools Strike : Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and David Letterman Lend Support

(Ucs News) The Satire Writers Guild went out on strike day as promised by Spokesmen Gunther Schnitzel. The strike disrupted the production of many popular programs including The Daily Show, Colbert Report and Late Night with David Letterman. The Strike is expected to last 24 hours ending at 12:01 AM April 2nd.

According to Mr. Schnitzel the Satire Writers Guilds yearly strike is designed to draw attention the daily challenges faced by the nations satire writers. “Satire Writers struggle against low or no wages and while under intense pressure to preform.”

The Satire Writers have chosen April 1st to strike as a statement. “April 1st is the one day all year the average citizen tries to be funny. Now imagine if your livelihood depended on being funny and insightful for the other 364 days of the year.” Stated Mr. Schnitzel.

Ucs News reached Jon Stewart at his New York City home. According to Stewart the strike will not effect the taping of the Daily Show, “Because the strike falls on a Sunday,it’s really sort of useless.” Stewart, like many other involved in the production of satire, supports the writers strike as long as it doesn’t effect them personally.