Saudi Arabia Announces Plan for Future Energy Dominance

(Riyadh : Saudi Arabia) Ucs Energy News– The Crown Prince, Sultan bin Abdul Aziz, announced a bold new plan that “will insure Saudi Arabia’s future as a dominate energy producer.” The Saudi Kingdom has officially created a new energy cartel, OHEC, the Organization of Hydrogen Exporting Countries.

The Organization of Hydrogen Exporting Countries, will be lead by it’s charter member Saudi Arabia. OHEC will control the production of Hydrogen and will monitor the development of Hydrogen production technology.

According to the Saudi Crown Prince, The Kingdom has already started it’s transition from an oil producer to a Hydrogen producer. Saudi Scientists and engineers have already constructed a massive solar powered Hydrogen electrolysis production facility near the costal city of Yanbu on the red sea.

The facility consists of the world largest photovoltaic solar array, 16 electrolysis reactors, sea water pumping station and underground storage tanks. The sites location is nearly perfect for energy production. Yanbu has an unlimited supply of sea water, 345 sunny days a year and the Red Sea is linked to Europe via the Suez canal. Saudi Arabia is setting itself up to feed Europe’s Hydrogen hungry fuel cells.

The Crown Prince also suggested that Saudi Arabia is considering the development of a fleet of air borne “inflatable” Hydrogen tankers. The flying transports would be filled in Yanbu and flown to the West coast of the United States. Once emptied of their Hydrogen the collapsed transports would be ferried back to Yanbu for reuse.