SBA Honors Bush for His Continued Support

Washington, DC (Rotters) – The American Small Business Association yesterday honored President George W. Bush for what they jokingly described as his “strength, obstinacy, and boldness” in defending the interests of the SBA across America. Their praise comes days after prominent Republican Senator Tom Coburn from Oklahoma lashed out at the SBA for “illegal lobbying practices” in attempting to shut down hearings into questionable post 9/11 loans received by members and big businesses at the hands of the Bush administration.

With many critics in Washington advocating the dissolution of the SBA over repeated scandals involving preferential treatment of big business over that of small-businesses, Bush’s appearance yesterday was perceived as a strong message of support. Bush was praised by attendees, and awarded a small plaque commemorating the recognition of his S.O.B. qualities.

Bush praised the honest business owners and hard-working taxpayers who continued to support the SBA despite the charges of corruption. He praised the association for allowing large companies to compete for and win government contracts earmarked for small businesses. “If these big businesses ever leave,” he said, “we may never get them back.”