Schwarzenegger Appears to Abandon Referendums at Last Minute

Sacramento, CA (UPSI) – On the eve of Californians going to the polls on numerous referendums promoted and supported by Governor Schwarzenegger, he appears to have made a dramatic last minute reversal and now supports defeat of all the referendums across the board. The governor was seen at many locations today at the last minute apparently campaigning for the overthrow of all of the referendums, particularly proposition 75 which has upset the state’s teachers and firefighters as well as other organized unions. The referendums appear doomed to defeat based upon ongoing popular polls.

The governor could not be reached for comment tonight, but a spokesperson heatedly denied the governor’s abandonment of his own propositions. When confronted with video footage and still photos of the governor attending and supporting an Anti-proposition 75 rally, the spokesperson immediately accused the California Democratic Party of a last minute campaign of dirty tricks intended to blur the issues and suppress Republican voter turn out.

“I’m positive it was him,” said Florence N. Gayle, a local registered nurse. “I’ve hated that face for over a year now, and I’m certain that I would recognize him in person. He stepped up to the microphone, and when everybody finally stopped booing, he explained about how he thought the whole prop 75 was a bad idea now, and apologized. The crowd went wild after a moment or so and then he rushed off. I’d recognize that accent anywhere, it was him, I’m positive.”

The governor’s office later issued a statement that the California State Patrol had issued an all points bulletin for the arrest of Warren Beatty, a Hollywood actor, and one of Governor Schwarzenegger’s most vocal opponents of the group of initiatives. Mr. Beatty was reached through his lawyer at an undisclosed location, and expressed surprise in the state’s interest in him. He further stated that he would not, at this time be turning himself over to custody, but stated simply, “I’ll be back.”