Schwarzenegger Upset: "California is out of touch!"

Sacramento, CA (UPSI) – California special election results have stunned Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The Governors conservative Republican backed ballot propositions, all went do to defeat. In a midnight press conference the Governor faced a dwindling crowd of supporters. “I’m sorry folks, the people of California have spoken and they are just out of touch.”

Schwarzenegger declared “The 80 million dollars I spent turned out to be an expensive lesson, Wow Was I wrong about this whole thing. I hope the voters don’t demand a recall.” Critics have complained the special election was a waste of money for the cash strapped state. Political advisers to the Governor stated off the record that Schwarzenegger is very “disappointed” with the mental abilities of the average California voter and the money was well spent to prove it.

What went wrong? Political analysts watching the case explain Governor Schwarzenegger rode a wave of fame and popularity in to office but then forgot he was a Red man in a Blue State. Well, The wave came to earth today with the special election results soaking Schwarzenegger.

Schwarzenegger had hoped a recent visit by President George W. Bush could boost his fortunes. The Governor hoped the Presidents 35% approval rating would help raise his own sagging poll numbers. This was just not the case.