Scientist Prove Only 62% of What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas

Not Staying in Vegas.
Not Staying in Vegas.

(Las Vegas) Unconfirmed Sources reports that contrary to the ‘What happens in Vegas’ marketing campaign a recent study proves that only 62% of what happens stays in Las Vegas.

The findings of the study could pave the way for massive lawsuits surrounding the claim in the popular ads. The scientists behind the study have come under fire from Las Vegas business interests, but are standing behind the studies findings.

“Look, we did the study under the strictest guidelines,” Says study author Brent Gibbs. “It was a triple blind fully randomized study. It has been peer reviewed and other researchers are making similar findings. The findings are good. According to our study 6 months after a visit to Las Vegas 38% of what happened there has been told to people close to the subject who visited Vegas. The facts are the facts on average only 62% of what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

The Mayor of Las Vegas Oscar B. Goodman has voiced some skepticism about the findings, but has taken a wait and see approach to the whole matter.

“Do I believe the study? Not really. Am I going to sue the guys who did it? I just don’t think that is in the cards.” Says the Mayor. “We are having a look into the situation and that’s where we stand.”

The mayor’s hand may be forced on the matter, however, as at least one consumer group has demanded the ad featuring the ‘What happens in Vegas’ slogan be changed to reflect the new findings.