Scott McClellan Arrested for White House Criticism

(Washington D.C.) Ucs News–Former White House press secretary Scott McClellan was taken into federal custody Thursday. According to the Bush administration McClellan manipulated intelligence to justify the war in Iraq. Responding to a growing chorus of criticism from Bush administration officials the Department of Justice tracked Scott McClellan and arrested him as he left a Washington Hotel.

Appearing on NBC’s Today show, Mr. McClellan said that the administration ignored evidence that contradicted its position on Iraq, and he sharply criticized some of Mr. Bush’s closest advisers.

He said Vice President Dick Cheney “was mostly in the dark, most preoccupied with hunting and water color painting ,” and said “in a number of ways, he has not served the president well.” He said Mr. Cheney was known as “the magic man” in the White House for his ability to paint and shoot ducks with incredible accuracy.

Responding to criticism that he did not voice his objections when he was in the White House, Mr. McClellan said that he was “Paid to talk not think” McClellan also said “I gave them the benefit of the doubt, like a lot of Americans,” he later concluded that “things went terribly off course” in Iraq after he left what he termed “the White House bubble,” where outside views often were not considered.

Apparently the Television appearance was the last straw for the Administration. Department of Justice officials confirmed Scott McClellan would be transported to Guantanamo Bay for “re-education”.