Scott McClellan Attacks George Bush and George Lucas

WASHINGTON (UCS news) – Former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan stepped up his attacks on the President and his administration. Responding to harsh criticism from Bush administration officials, McClellan blamed the President and his senior staff for “Leading America in to a huge disaster.” McClellan also took aim at film producer George Lucus, “I just saw the new Indiana Jones film and boy did it suck.”

According to McClellan’s Press agent the former Presidential press sectary took time off from promoting his book “What Happened” and went to the new film “Indiana Jones and the Legend of the Crystal Skull”. McClellan, an avid fan of the the Indian Jones series, was really looking forward to see the film. But in McClellan’s own words “The film was shockingly bad, I almost walked out it was so bad.” According to McClelan is was almost as bad as sitting through one of Condoleezza Rice’s press conferences, ” I wanted to vomit” stated McClellan.

McClellan know for his strong will and nearly unflappable demeanor was visibly shaken by his experience watching the film. “Screenwriter David Koepp should be sharing a prison cell with CIA director George Tenant” Blasted McClellan. While, in his opinion George Lucas and Steven Spielberg should just be shot.

George Bush, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg should all be held accountable for misleading the American people. “All three should be suffering the consequence of their actions, I like most Americans I feel betrayed.” said McClellan.