Scott Pruitt Cuts Energy Star Program to Save Yellow and Blue Ink

Agency Administrator, Scott Pruitt.
Agency Administrator, Scott Pruitt.

(Washington D.C.) Unconfirmed Sources are reporting massive budget cuts at the Agency(formerly known as the Environmental Protection Agency).  The cuts include dismantling the energy efficiency program Energy Star.

No More Energy Star!
No More Energy Star!

Many are familiar with the Energy Star program because of the yellow and blue labels manufacturers put on their products to show the items energy use.  The voluntary program has been a boon to manufacturers and consumers alike.

Manufacturers like the program as it allows them to highlight energy efficiency as a valuable option. Energy conscious consumers like it because it lets the make an informed buying choice.

The program has been around since 1992 and has saved an estimated $240 billion in energy costs.  Over 80% of the buying public recognizes the program.

But that is about to change as Agency Administrator, Scott Pruitt has targeted the program for its wasteful use of yellow and blue ink.

Bye Bye Energy Guide.
Bye, Bye Energy Guide.

“The energy saving of this program pale in comparison to the amount of ink wasted making all those darn stickers!” says Pruitt. “Think of it, thousand of gallons of ink since 1992 wasted on those stickers.  It’s a shocking waste of resources!  I’m just glad that I came alone and can save our country from this job-killing wasteful program.”

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