Scrapbooking Popular Among Iraqi Insurgents

Unconfirmed sources report that scrapbooking has become a popular past time for members of the Iraqi insurgency. US military sources indicate that Iraqi scrapbooks have been turning up during raids more and more. The Iraqi terrorists, like many people, apparently find scrapbooking a relaxing way to take a break from their busy stress filled lives. These scrapbooks have become a valuable source of intelligence and may mean the difference between military success and failure.

The US Military has recently captured the most valuable scrapbook in the Iraqi theater of operations. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the Jordanian militant leader, eluded capture some weeks ago, but his laptop computer and scrapbook were recovered in what the Army is calling a great victory. Al-Zarqawi’s scrapbook shows several key moments in the terrorist’s life and also contains hundreds of pictures of men in his terror network. “The recovery of this scrapbook could spell the end of the insurgency.” bragged Mr. Jones of the CIA. “We’ve got the Iraqi insurgents on the ropes and this information will let us land the knock out punch.”

“These scrapbooks have become a real coup for our intelligence units.” admitted Mr. Smith, of the CIA. “The scrapbooks are becoming quite common and are providing us some real insights into these people’s motivations. The most popular supplies are the ‘Martyrs of Islam’ sticker set and the ‘Free Saddam’ ink stamp collection. I think that careful study of these materials will give us the tools we will need to break the back of this insurgency. We are carefully monitoring scrapbooking supply sales in the region to get a better understanding of Iraqi popular sentiment.”

Scrapbooking experts are surprised by the sophistication of the work being done by the Iraqi insurgents in the field. “These guys aren’t messing around.” says scrapbook expert Stan Julian of Scrapbooking Magazine. “They are using great locally made papers, very intricate die cuts and are making very daring cropping choices. They prefer the small albums rather than the large size Americans prefer, but under the circumstances I think the small size is a good choice.”

“It makes sense to me.” Says Amanda Buhl, of Scrapbook USA, a scrapbooking supply store in Valdosta Georgia. “scrapbooking is a great way to mark special events in a person’s life and is also very relaxing. I love to sit down after a long hard day and just take a minute to scrapbook a happy moment in my life. It makes me feel good and makes me appreciate how lucky I am. The Iraqi insurgents are in the middle of an epic struggle between good and evil, but they are humans too who fell the need to mark special events. Sure they maybe scrapbooking the completion of suicide bomber training and not birthdays, but the feelings are the same.”