Sculpture of Jessica Simpson Passing Gas To Rival Britney Spears Sculpture Giving Birth

(New York–NY) Britney Spears, the most searched female on the web, seems again to be locked in competition with Jessica Simpson, the most gassy female on the web. This Thursday, VaFa, a trendy art gallery in New York City’s Chelsea section, will unveil a sculpture of Jessica Simpson on a couch being flatulent.

Noted sculptor for massive projects such as last year’s The Gates, Christo is the creator. “I can’t truly take credit for this since the flatus is Jessica’s,” said the humble artist at a press conference held at VaFa Wednesday morning. “The inspiration came to me while I, myself, had gastric upset in my studio. During a particularly vile salvo, my eye was caught by a rose on a table. It made me think how the beautiful and the ugly are so intertwined. I then thought of Jessica on Nick and Jessica, looking so beautiful