Secret CIA Detention Facility Goes Missing

Unconfirmed sources report the CIA has lost one of its secret detention facilities located in an unknown foreign country. The CIA set up the detention facilities so that it could torture top level Al Queada terrorists outside of the jurisdiction of the United States’ legal system. The facilities were opened four years ago and there exact locations are known to very few CIA officers. Missing paper work and the untimely death of a secret CIA official are rumored to be the cause of the facility’s disappearance.

“We are working very hard to find the missing facility. “Says CIA officer Smith. “Losing a facility like this is a real blow to the agency and we have retasked many assets to recover it. We believe the facility is located in Afghanistan, or Iraq. But it could also be in Thailand, Egypt, Syria, or even in an eastern European country. We kind of have a lot of these facilities so finding the missing one could be tough. I would say that there is an outside chance that we aren’t missing one at all. As a matter of fact we might even have an extra one or two. The accounting on things like this can get a little fuzzy.”

The president speaking on double deep background says that he is deeply disappointed that the CIA has lost one it over seas torture centers and is hopeful that they will find it, or make another one to replace it.

“Being able to torture people outside the jurisdiction of the legal system of the United States has been the cornerstone of America’s war on terror.” Says security expert Joseph Richenbauer. “The Bush administration needs places where it can do things that are against the law in America. It’s really that simple. If it is against the law in American then do it somewhere else. I agree with the President that we need to find or replace this overseas torture facility quickly if we are going to keep America safe.

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence is looking into the matter and is said to be very concerned that the facility is lost. “Losing US government property is a big deal.” Said an anonymous staffer. “The committee takes the loss of government property very seriously and is considering launching a probe into the matter. We can’t have facilities going missing that is just no way to do business.”