Sen. Dodd has prostate cancer: Insurance Policy Canceled

Washington D.C.(Ucs News): Today the office of Democratic Senator Chris Dodd of Connecticut that he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and that his heath insurance carrier Kaiser Green Shield has canceled policy.

According to Kaiser Green Shield “The Senator did not read the fine print of his policy. “The firm is not responsible for charges incurred while sick and that claims against the policy are grounds for termination.”

Dodd said evidence of possible cancer was detected in June during his annual physical and later confirmed by a biopsy. He said he plans to have surgery at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York shortly after Congress adjourns next week and is “very confident we’re going to come out of this well.” Dodd, with wife Jackie Clegg Dodd by his side, said he feels fine and expects to return to a full schedule at the end of August.

However Jackie Clegg Dodd stated, “Chris will be okay but we have to sell the house to pay for his care. I blame the insurance company and our current heath care system that lets them collect our money then deny coverage AFTER we get sick. The call this policy recision. I call it MURDER.”

The 65-year-old Democrat is chairman of the Senate Banking Committee and is playing a lead role in Congress’ attempt to overhaul the nation’s health care system. He said he will continue to be actively involved in those negotiations. According to Friends he committed to reforming healthcare before he dies.