Senator Bill Frist is proud: Massengill to introduce Republican douche bags

Unconfirmed sources report Tennessee Senator Dr. Bill Frist and Rev. James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, will be the first fragrances in a new line of douche bags. Internal memos leaked to Unconfirmed sources confirm that the Massengill corporation will produce the new douche bags to honor a whole list of Republican superstars.

“James Dobson has a great interest in women’s health issues. It’s our intent to control the reproductive rights of women so it’s really a no brainer that we would be involved in douche bags.” Said Focus on the Family spokesperson, John Paulk. Rev. James Dobson is an outspoken critic of Sponge Bob Square pants, centrist judges and women’s rights. He reportedly approached the Masengill corporation during the 2004 presidential election to pitch the idea of celebrity douche bags.

“Being douche experts we really hit it off with Reverend Dobson