Senator Craig Creates International Washroom Incident with Dalai Lama

Washington, DC (Rotters) – The Washington office of controversial Idaho Republican Senator Larry Craig expressed regrets today over what it described as a misunderstanding between the senator and the Dalai Lama that occurred in a congressional men’s room early this morning. The Dalai Lama was appearing as a guest of Congress and the Bush administration to receive the Congressional Gold medal for his services as an international peace activist.

Congressional security was called to the scene to investigate after the Dalai Lama reportedly fled the washroom, accusing the senator of attempting to grab his robes from under an adjoining stall and peek beneath them.

“It was an honest mistake,” stated an aide to Senator Craig. “His Holiness’s robes had a similar color and texture to the hand towels made available in the facility. The senator was merely attempting to dry his hands when the misunderstanding occurred.”

A clearly shaken Dalai Lama was seen holding hands with Craig afterwards, and reportedly forgave and absolved him through a translator.

Congressional security just arriving on the scene detained and took into custody an enraged Richard Gere who apparently attempted to go after the senator. No charges have been pressed in the incident.