Senator John McCains Baghdad Wounds Not Serious

(Green Zone Hotel : Ucs News) Republican presidential hopeful John after surgery to remove shrapnel from his legs, arms and butt. According to doctors Senator McCains wounds “were not life threatening” but “will make sitting uncomfortable for a while.”

Senator McCain made the news this week by speaking to reporters as he toured the sprawling market, site of several deadly car bombs. While McCain toured the market without incident he later learned just how “safe” Baghdad is after dark. As the Senator was crossing the green zone for a dinner meeting with local officials a mortar smashed into the lead hummer of his security detail.

The Senator was pulled bleeding and bruised from the burning hummer and rushed to the Green Zones emergency medial station. Once the extent of McCains injures were know, The President was notified and the Senator was Airlifted to Germany for treatment.

As McCain lay in his hospital bed he was heard mumbling “Maybe Baghdad not isn’t so safe”