Senator John McCains's DADT Policy "Dirty Fags Not American Enough"

(Washington: D.C.) Ucs News: Grumpy old bigot John McCain finally took the gloves off today. Following the release of the Pentagons DADT report McCain decided the Pentagons top brass “Are just too easy on those fags”.

For Months Senator McCain suggested he would follow the Pentagons recommendations. However, The Pentagon has proved itself to be too enlightened for the grumpy old Arizona Senator. Instead of following the Pentagons own suggestion, McCain is determined to continue America’s State funded discrimination.

According to McCain’s Spokesmen, Ben Lion. “The Senator is proud of his own military service and doesn’t want to see his memory ruined by Gays serving their nation.” Apparently Fags are just not American enough to give their lives for their country.

Why is John McCain so afraid of homosexuals? Is he a coward at heart.