Senator Russ Feingold To Put George Bush Censure Resolution Before Congress

March 13, 2006

Saying, “The President has broken the law and, in some way, he must be held accountable,” Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold promised that he would introduce a censure resolution against United States President George W. Bush. The verbal spanking that is a Presidential Censure has only been used once before in our nations history, that time against Andrew Jackson 172 years ago, or about as long as it will take to pacify Iraq.

Calling Mr. Feingold’s statements, “Crazy talk” (actually he said it was “a crazy political move), Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist condemned Mr. Feingold’s move. Currently under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for insider trading and the surgeon who once diagnosed Terri Schaivo’s mental capacities via video tape, Senator Frist would presumably know quite a bit about crazy political moves, and should therefore be listened to.

The five page resolution says the President “repeatedly misled the public” before disclosing what every Liberal and Democrat kinda figured all along