Senator Shelby Sponsors "Buy Foreign Cars For America" Bill

In an attempt to stem the huge financial loses of foreign car companies Alabama Senator Richard Shelby has sponsored a bill to encourage people to buy cars made by foreign auto companies. The bill would use a series of tax incentives, credits and other financial subsidies to encourage Americans to buy foreign cars. “The truth is, America depends on foreign car companies, we can’t let Honda, Hyundai, Toyota and others suffer in this tough market”, says Shelby “These foreign companies are very important to the American way of life.”

The plan to help support foreign auto companies has been gaining ground in the senate today even as support to bail out the American auto industry stalls over the costs and Republican Senator’s ideological concerns.

“The Buy Foreign Cars For America Bill is a win win for Americans and American workers,” said an aid to Senator Shelby. “By supporting foreign auto companies we will do three things. 1) We will make foreign cars cheaper, which in these times will very helpful. 2) This bill will save Americans billions if we don’t bother to bail out the American Auto industry. 3) American autoworkers will be free to follow all kinds of other pursuits they have never had time for in the past. I think in the end investing in foreign automakers is the way to go.”

The bill would funnel tens of billions of dollars into a “Buy Foreign Cars For America” ad campaign and also provide incentives to consumers to buy the cars. The bill would also give direct cash assistance to any foreign car company that wants to sell cars in America and waive mileage and environmental standards. As a final sweetener the bill would give massive tax abatements for any car company that would like to build factories in the ‘Real American’ State of Alabama.