Senatorial candidate Danny Tarkanian proposes new policy: 'Rodent bartering' with the IRS

LAS VEGAS – With Americans burdened by cumbersome regulations and taxes, U.S. senatorial candidate Danny Tarkanian has unveiled a new plan: Rodent bartering with the IRS.

“For too long, Americans have been taxed too much. No American should have to pay anything more than a flat tax of two rats and three mice per year to the IRS. That’s it. That’s where I draw the line,” Tarkanian said in a press conference.

Under Tarkanian’s plan, bureaucrat salaries would be capped at one rat and two mice per year, while the rest of the rats and mice would be used to extinguish the national debt.

“Bailouts? Give ’em skunks. Skunk bailouts for investment banks,” said Tarkanian.

Tarkanian’s plan has been well received by Republicans, Democrats, and independents.

Americans for Rodent Bartering with the IRS is strongly considering an endorsement of Tarkanian.