Sharron Angle declares candidacy against Robert Bennett

LAS VEGAS – Sharron Angle, who’s opposed to death panels, supports death panels for retiring U.S. senators. Distracted by Senator Bob Bennett’s remarks, the trained monkey Sharron Angle decided to declare her candidacy against Robert Bennett.

“The Angle campaign has entered its next phase of taking on Senator Robert Bennett. Sharron Angle is committed to defeating Senator Bennett in what will be a tough race,” said Angle’s spokesman Stacy. “We strongly support death panels for outgoing U.S. senators,” said Stacy.

And we here at Unconfirmed Sources are trying figure out what Sharron Angle’s campaign strategy is. It sure doesn’t look like it has anything to do with issues. It looks like a lemon that can’t be turned into lemonade. We would also like to take a timeout to apologize to Senator Bennett on Angle’s behalf since she won’t apologize.