Sharron Angle fulfilling her patriotic duty

LAS VEGAS – GOP senatorial candidate Sharron Angle is fulfilling her patriotic duty by trying to throw the election so that the PNACers can’t accomplish their mission.

“Since I’m a patriot and I care about my country, I recognize the grave threat the PNACers represent and that’s why I am purposefully throwing the election to Senator Reid,” Sharron Angle said. “I confess that the Tea Party is a feeble attempt at PNAC trying to disguise and reinvent itself.”

Despite taking money from Texan sources and Texas being a foreign country since it seceded, the Angle camp has denied any wrongdoing. Angle and her brownshirt supporters in the party maintain that their candidate can win.

Senator Reid’s campaign has yet to respond.

Unconfirmed Sources predicts Senator Reid wins in a landslide.