Sharron Angle pledges to crack down on illegal immigration

LAS VEGAS – Senatorial candidate Sharron Angle sat down with the editorial board to discuss her views on immigration control. Below is a brief excerpt from the interview:

DN: So you support cracking down on illegal immigration?


DN: How so?

ANGLE: Building a fence, militarizing the border, and whatever else we have to do to seal off the border.

DN: Don’t you think it’s racist to target demographics as though this will solve underlying problems?


DN: Okay. Suppose I decided to run for office wanting to ensure that no Israelis entered the United States, what would that make me?

ANGLE: Anti-Semitic.

DN: You mean racist?


DN: So then what’s the difference in the two positions other than you’re targeting brown colored people?

ANGLE: Because I want to crack down on all illegal immigration.

DN: Then why a border fence and the militarization of the border if this is aimed at all illegal immigration?

ANGLE: To stop illegal immigrants.

DN: But can’t people arrive in the country through air travel?

ANGLE: Sure.

DN: Then shouldn’t you need to abolish all air travel for the sake of logical consistency in order to hermetically seal off the entire country?

ANGLE: That sounds like a good idea.