Shuster Resigns from MSNBC over Comment, Signs with MTV

New York, NY (DMZ) – Two days after offering an apology to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her daughter Chelsea for remarks made while hosting MSNBC’s Tucker Carlson Show, David Shuster has announced that he will be resigning effective immediately from MSNBC. Shuster’s agent stated that this was solely his decision and that he had not received pressure from the network to tender his resignation. “A more lucrative and fulfilling opportunity has presented itself,” stated celebrity representative Allisyn Phunn.

“David will be taking over the hosting duties for MTV’s popular series, Pimp My Ride,” stated Phunn. “His youth and exuberance should bring a well needed boost to the show. The younger market is now clamoring for political content, and David should provide that connection.”

“I would’ve liked to have stayed aboard with MSNBC, because politics is my first love,” stated Shuster in an exclusive phone interview with DMZ. “That being said, MTV’s offer of much more money, less stress, and more fun was one that I couldn’t refuse. Fast cars are my second love, well, maybe third behind my new wife.”

“I do regret how the incident with the Clintons played out, and I’m sorry that they, and many others, took offense. I did everything I could through various apologies to set things right, but over the last two days I have begun to feel as if I were being “pimped out” in a weird sort of way by MSNBC in order to entice Ms. Clinton into keeping a promise of an upcoming debate with Barack Obama on MSNBC.”

Shuster’s first episode on pimp my ride, scheduled for broadcast next month, will feature a makeover of Senator John McCain’s “Straight Talk Express” bus.