Shuttle Discovery Returns; Brings Plumber's Bill For 27 Million

(Florida) The Shuttle Discovery returned to earth last week touching down in Florida with its’ normal seven person crew and one extra special passenger. The additional crewmember was plumber, Bob Jenkins. Upon arrival on earth Jenkins hugged his wife and kids, thanked the shuttle crew for the ride and then present NASA administrator Michael Griffin with a bill for 27 million dollars.

“It was a tough job.” Said Jenkins during a post flight press conference. “The tools and pump I had to install were unfamiliar to me, but with the help of ground control we get’er done. And not a minute too soon either, the place was starting to get ‘pungent’, if you know what I mean.”

The ‘Space Plumber’ Jenkins, had been recruited by NASA only 18 days ago to fix the malfunctioning toilet aboard the international space station. He underwent a crash course of astronaut training to prepare for the mission and by all accounts performed excellently under difficult conditions.

When asked why the bill was so high Griffin stated, “I think it was the mileage”