ATLANTA — Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick has refused to leave the courthouse where he was indicted on July 17th for his alleged role in conducting a dog fighting venture on property he owns. ” Please don’t make me leave” says a terrified Vick,

The reason for Vick’s fear, is a large, snarling police dog that appears to be patiently waiting on the courthouse steps for over a month for Vick to emerge.

Everyone, reporters and the curious, except for one lone spectator, have fled as the huge dog patiently stares at the courthouse doors.

Animal lovers have left food and water for the dog, and food is being brought to Vick by teammates and family.

A spokesman for the Atlanta Police said there is no law requiring the eviction of anyone from the courthouse as long as there is no disturbance.

Huddled in an empty broom closet, surrounded by empty pizza boxes and soda cans, Vick, is a sorry sight. Shaking and weeping, he has appealed to friends to shoot the dog, but has had no takers. “He’s waiting to tear me to bits,” moaned Vick.

A court bailiff is quietly taking bets, as to who will be victorious, man or dog, when Vick has to eventually leave.