Sony PlayStation 3 blamed for deaths: In Iraq

Unconfirmed sources have linked the New Sony Play Station 3 to a surge in deadly violence. From the safety of the Camp David Holiday retreat President George W. Bush blasted Sony for the increasing body count linked to the new PlayStation 3’s botched holiday launch. The President went of to demand that Sony take responsibility. “The death toll is staggering and the American people are demanding a new policy and new leadership.”

In a statement released by Sony Japan, the maker of the PlayStation 3, expressed remorse at the tragic lose of human life. “Sony is shocked by the unfolding horrors but we feel the blames lies with George W. Bush and his failed war policy. The Sony corporation can not be blamed for the wave of deadly sectarian violence unleashed in Iraq by the Bush administrations misadventure.”

With the situation in Iraq increasing unstable The Bush administration has turned to blaming others for the crisis. According to Juan Cole , noted middle East expert, The Bush administration has blamed Democrats, Iran, Syria, Osama Bin Laden and now the Sony PlayStation 3. After her middle east trip US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice linked the rise in violence to the launch of the PlayStation 3 system.

Critics of Sony have blamed the game maker for profiteering in the face of blood shed in Iraq. The Sony game Blood for oil 2 has earned the firm almost 200 million dollars. Sony counters the claim by stating Bush Administration cronies have hauled in over 200 Billion during the conduct of the war.