Sony PlayStation 3 : Hit game banned- pulled from stores

Unconfirmed Sources reports the Hit new Game tile “PS3 Blood for Oil 2: Mission Accomplished” has been pulled from store shelves. The game is causing controversy due to extreme violence, nudity, terrorist activity and scenes of torture. After reviewing the Game at Camp David President George W. Bush demanded the FTC ban the game and require Sony to recall the PlaysStation 3 title.

In the game “PS3 Blood for Oil 2: Mission Accomplished” the player can select 5 story-lines as he “Fights his way through the blood soaked desert.” Players can roll play A battle fatigued US Marine as he helps Iraqis while killing them. Other rolls include a CIA agent tasked to torture out confessions or and an insurgent commander, setting up bombs and ordering suicide attacks.

President George W. Bush is represented in the as a detached religious zealot bent on enriching his cronies and building political power regardless of the Body count and expense. White House officials are also very critical of the rolling realtime display of the games total body count. “We are not counting the civilian dead but we know the games figures are too high.” Complained Press Secretary Tony Snow.

Republican law makers and figures from the religious right are also voicing concern about the games torture scenes. In the PlayStation 3 game Lets the player roam the cells of Abu-Grab prison after dark. The scenes depicted include hooding, stress positions and beatings. The most shocking part of the game allows the player to select Water Boarding, attack dogs or the shredding of the Koran in front of a prisoner to gain a confession.

In a statement to the media Press Secretary Tony Snow explained. The President of the United States does not think the PS3 game “Blood for Oil 2: Mission Accomplished” is suitable for play. “Yes the game depicts events that happen in Iraq every day but we don’t think the citizens of the United States should see what is being done in their name and on their behalf in Iraq.”