Sopranos Creator David Chase Executed Gangland Style over Final Episode

New York, NY (APE) – Fans outside of a New York City nightclub, Leotardos, were stunned earlier tonight as David Chase, the veteran Hollywood screenwriter and creator of the hit HBO series The Sopranos, was apparently executed in Mafia hit fashion by an unknown assailant. Witnesses said the assailant appeared out of nowhere and apparently fired three shots into the unsuspecting Chase before vanishing into the night. Chase had been attending a closing cast party with friends and family when the apparent execution occurred.

Witnesses variously described the assailant as large, muscular, slightly overweight, middle-aged, and Italian in appearance. Police were working on a composite drawing based on witness descriptions.

A police spokesperson stated that witnesses claimed the assailant pointed the gun at Chase and shouted, “Don’t stop believing… believe this m….. f…..”. He then shot the screenwriter three time in the neck, head, and chest and threw a seven DVD collection of the Sopranos onto Chase’s collapsed body, shouting “Bada-Bing!” as he hopped into a waiting car and sped off.

The police spokesperson stated that they did not have any suspects in the killing, and were continuing to question witnesses and examine further pictures taken by paparazzi present. “At this time we’re working on the possibility that this may have been some type of revenge killing, but the list of suspects is daunting and may be in the millions. We’ll do everything that we can, but this murder may just sort of fade to black without any more information.”