South Dakota Bans Abortion, Devil in the details.

(UCS News:South Dakota) -Gov. Michael Rounds of South Dakota signed into law the nation’s most sweeping state abortion ban on Monday. Many applaud the Governors direct legal challenge to Roe v. Wade, but many are also critical of the laws other provisions. The law makes it a crime for doctors to perform an abortion and imposes 5 year prison terms for both the doctor and the parents of the unborn. The law also makes the Governor’s toy Poodle Chi’-Chi’ Wiggles the official state mascot.

The nomination of Chi’-Chi’ Wiggles has sparked wide spread condemnation of both South Dakota and Governor’s Rounds. The law is an intentional provocation meant to set up a direct legal challenge to Roe v. Wade but many see it as a cynical attempt to improve Chi’-Chi’ Wiggles chances of winning at the upcoming Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Westminster Kennel Club spokesman Harvey Blanks said “I have never seen such a blatant attempt to politically manipulate national public opinion, It’s sick. South Dakota should be ashamed and embarrassed.”

Aside from elevating Chi’-Chi’ Wiggles the legislation would make no exception for instances of rape or incest, though victims in such cases could get emergency contraception. The law does make a few exceptions, an abortion could be allowed by order of State Senate in case the mother is white and the father of the unborn is arab, black, muslim, gay or jewish. Rob Regier, executive director of the South Dakota Family Policy Council, commended Mr Rounds’ decision to sign the bill into law. “His signature marks the beginning of a renewed effort to abolish abortion in our country, and to keep our race pure.” he said. The South Dakota Family Policy Council is also pushing to outlaw interracial marriage and wants to set strict limits on the use of contraception for women.

Off the record Rob Regier complained the Governor’s demand for the “Chi’-Chi’ Wiggles” bylaw was nearly a deal breaker for many in South Dakota’s Republican-dominated legislature. “But when the country is at war extraordinary measures should be take to insure national security.”

Speaking to reporters after the signing Gov. Rounds stated “This is a great day for South Dakota and for Chi’-chi’ Wiggles. In my mind nothing says South Dakota! like our Chi’-Chi’ Wiggles.” Mississippi’s governor, Haley Barbour, has said he will sign a bill to all but ban the procedure, but would have to think long and hard about provisions for Chi’-Chi’ Wiggles.