South Dakota Governor Rounds Announces PR Blitz to Combat Tourism Boycott

Pierre, SD (Rotters) – One day after signing into law the nation’s toughest ban on abortion Governor Mike Rounds of South Dakota announced a public relations campaign to fight the expected boycott from national pro-choice organizations. The legislation is widely viewed as merely a blatant attempt at forcing the issue of gradually overthrowing Roe versus Wade in what is now considered an ideologically sympathetic Supreme Court. The law forbids any abortion, even in cases of rape or incest and threatens physicians performing them with five years in prison.

A spokesperson for the governor stated that the new campaign will offer no apologies for the governor and the state’s position, and will instead embrace and promote what they view as a sweeping national trend.

President George W. Bush registered his opposition to the planned legislation earlier in January, stating that he favored exceptions for abortion in cases of rape or incest. “With the president’s poll numbers continuing to plummet, we feel like we’ve got a real shot at this,” stated a spokesperson for the governor. “It’s really sad to see the president abandoning the Conservative Republican values and issues which got him elected.”


A representative for the public relations firm that South Dakota has hired stated that the campaign would basically be a reworking of a previously successful tourism campaign which is already in place, thus saving the state from an excessive expenditure. The slogan will be, “South Burkhota: Hiding Faces. Straight Laces.” The public relations representative stated, “Our advance marketing indicates that this has real appeal to 50% of America and would likely increase tourism and possibly relocation to the state. It makes a real values statement about what Republicans and South Dakotans are all about and sends a strong message of safety and security in the global war on terror.”

Future plans for the campaign will include bright blue souvenir burkhas for sale at all highway state welcome centers. They will be emblazoned with the new campaign slogan and an artist’s rendition of Mount Rushmore, one of the state’s main tourist attractions.