South Park's 'Chef' is back. It's George Bush!

(Washington, D.C.) The speculation of who will be South Park’s new Chef when the series launches its new season Wednesday ended when at his Tuesday press conference President Bush revealed that it was him. “I cannot tell a lie. It is I…butt munch.” Rumors of Vice President Dick Cheney attempting to stop Bush’s decision by inviting him on a quail-hunting trip have yet to be confirmed.

The Comedy Central show kicks off its tenth season with an episode titled “The Return of Chef!” Long time Chef, Isaac Hayes, abruptly left the show after creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker penned an episode poking fun at The “Church” of Scientology of which Hayes is a “member.” The episode involves the foul-mouthed foursome of perennial pre-pubescence noticing that there’s something different about Chef to which Bush commented, “different, because I’m white and The President. Get it?”

Creators Stone and Parker couldn’t believe their good fortune when they received the call from Bush. “This voice on the other said, ‘I hear you need a Chef. I make a mean western omelet, and it doesn’t taste like ass,'” Stone remembered. After the call was confirmed to be from The Oval Office, Parker said, “We knew we were on the luckiest show ever and in country run by an administration whose leader