Space Shuttle Trader Magazine Folds as NASA Ends Shuttle Program

Unconfirmed sources report that Shuttle Trader Magazine, the premiere used Space Shuttle sales publication, will close after its next issue. Things looked bleak for Shuttle Trader after NASA announced it would give the Shuttles away, rather than sell them on the open market.

“We felt our publication was uniquely suited to help NASA out. Our readership was focused on the purchase of used space shuttles and related hardware, we were very excited about the prospect of picking up Shuttle program equipment,” Says Ben Kickinger, the publisher of Shuttle Trade Magazine.

Shuttle Trader Magazine has had a tough time of it ever since it started back in 1984. Experts hailed its launch as a key step in the democratization of space, but initial high hopes for the magazine soon faded. The amount of used space shuttles on the market never really met expectations and Kickinger was forced to start other ventures to help keep Shuttle Trader Magazine afloat. These other ventures, Auto Trader and Boat Trader magazines, have been very successful and has allowed the money losing Shuttle Trader to continue.

Auto Trader and Boat Trader Magazines will continue despite the closing of Kickinger’s flagship publication. The closure of the magazine will lead to the loss of one job.