Spectacular Lunar, Martian Moon Eclipse Visible Tonight

Houston, Texas (APE) – NASA JPL scientists today released stunning pictures obtained from Mars Spirit Rover still in operation from its original 2004 mission. The computer enhanced photographs depicted the beginning lunar eclipse which will be viewable early Tuesday morning in the vast majority of the Northern and Southern hemispheres of earth, only from a Martian perspective.

An added treat to the photograph is a rare juxtaposition in which the Martian moon Phobos is in alignment with both the Earth and Moon during the eclipse, and subsequently appears to consume both larger bodies over the course of a few hours. This comes at a time when the Earth and Mars are approaching their closest approximation to each other in decades.

“We were a little bored one night, and there was a break in some of the sandstorms which have been ravaging Mars,” stated a JPL technician. “Someone came up with the bright idea of pointing the telescope back towards the Earth and enhancing a bit and this is what we got.”

Mars Spirit Rover is currently still operating years after its initial mission, and the Bush administration has insisted that a manned flight to Mars is still within the nation’s grasp and has been made a top priority.

“This is just one of the more spectacular views that a visitor to Mars might encounter,” stated a JPL spokesperson. “We fully support the president in his mission, and the technology exists to send him there personally tomorrow if he so desired.”