Speedy Gonzales to Replace Alberto Gonzales as Attorney General

WASHINGTON:Ucs News- After watching Alberto Gonzales implode under tough questioning, President Bush has asked his long time aid to step aside. The move will allow the up and coming constitutional lawyer Speedy Gonzales to take over as the New Attorney General.

Many were surprised to see the last of the Presidents “Texas Team” exit the government, but according to ranking Republicans “Alberto was a high profile punching bag inside the Administration and he just had to go”.

Meanwhile, Legal scholars are calling Speedy Gonzales an inspired choice to replace Attorney General Gonzales. According to those close to Speedy he completed his undergraduate work in 4 days and graduated from Harvard law in less than 3 weeks. “He is a legal phenomenon.” Stated Harvard professor J.R. Gridley.

Speedy Gonzales seems the perfect candidate to run the gauntlet of Democratic scrutiny from the Senate Judiciary Committee. That panel is loaded with Bush foes, such as committee chairman Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont and Sen. Charles Schumer of New York.