Spontaneous Iraqi Election Protest Erupts

Baghdad, IRAQ (APE) – Protesters today within the Iraqi Green Zone burst into polling centers where the overwhelming Iraqi constitutional vote was being scrutinized. Concerns have risen over unexpectedly high “yes” votes from provinces which were expected to outright reject the constitution as written. These provinces are predominantly minority Sunni and some of the locations of the most violent resistance to American occupation.

The Iraqi Election Commission has stated that tabulation has been delayed by a sandstorm, but they hope to have all precincts votes flown in and accounted for by late Wednesday for an in depth recount.

Spontaneous protesters, adamantly in favor of the constitution were able to push past security and began chanting to have the recount and investigation stopped, and let the results stand. Police and American forces allowed the protesters to remain rather than risk bloodshed, as it appeared to be a peaceful occupation of the premises.

Adick Chenabi, one of the protesters, said, “Our country has been through too much. The people have spoken, and it is time to move on. We can’t continue to be held hostage by Sunni dead enders…”

Donali Rumsanjanni said, “Was this an ideal situation? No. Were there problems? Absolutely! Could we have done a better job? You bet… but you have to settle with the election that you’ve got, and not the election that you’d like to have.”

Saddam Bush, named by his parents after two of the most influential leaders of their times, stated, “I never read it. It was just too long. I’m protesting today because we need to have this so the economy improves. Right now, the only jobs available are to serve Iraq in the army, and I feel I can better serve my country as a civilian leader.”

Karel Al-Rovanni stated, “We’ve come too far to have this stolen now, with Sunni ballot box stuffing. It should be left to the courts to decide.”