SS McCain Runs Aground In Florida

(Key West, FL) Unconfirmed sources report that the tanker SS McCain has run aground and sunk in the costal waters off the Florida Keys creating a massive spill. The tanker was carrying a full load of good will to Florida residence when it got caught in tight passage between Pander and Policy Islands and ran into trouble.

The SS McCain, owned and operated by the Presidential Campaign of John McCain, was trying to deliver an immense load of good will to Florida voters in time for the election this November. With this accident it is unclear whether McCain will be able deliver enough good will in the future to recover here.

“We got a major problem here in Florida.” Says Ben Kickenger of the Florida Department of Environmental Quality. “We got a massive spill of good will here that may take months or even years to clean up. I just can’t believe the McCain campaign would try to get so much good will to Florida this way. It has totally backfired on them.”

The Governor of Florida, Charlie Crist, who had joined with the McCain campaign to bring in the good will to Florida is also being roundly criticized for role in the spill.