Stallone Endorsement Prompts Bonaduce to Step Forward for Romney

Miami, FL (DMZ) – The Mitt Romney for President campaign today announced that it had secured the endorsement of former child actor and reality show host Danny Bonaduce. “We’re pleased to herald a return to Republican family values, such as what we used to see with the Partridge Family,” stated a campaign spokesperson. “at the same time we have a powerful spokesperson in Mr. Bonaduce for Mr. Romney’s pledge to remain tough when it comes to American security.”

The Romney campaign also announced that it had launched a lawsuit to halt the upcoming steel cage match between Sylvester Stallone and Chuck Norris in Madison Square Garden next week, arguing that it had been unfairly excluded from this newest debate format between Republican presidential candidates Mike Huckabee and John McCain. The Romney campaign argued that Mr. Bonaduce should be allowed to represent Romney in the event and have a chance at the reportedly $2 million and growing purse.

The 48-year-old former star of the short-lived VH1 series Breaking Bonaduce appeared with Romney at his Miami, FL primary campaign headquarters, and will accompany the former Massachusetts governor for the remainder of his primary campaign appearances. “What can I say, the money was right,” stated Bonaduce to reporters. “I’m looking forward to the lawyers straightening this cage match thing out and kicking some ass. Stallone and Norris are just a joke, they’re so old.”