Stallone, Norris Agree to Steel Cage Match over Respective Candidates

New York, NY (APE) – Immediately after announcing his support for Republican presidential candidate John McCain, action film star Sylvester Stallone issued an immediate challenge to fellow film star Chuck Norris who has been campaigning with previously front running Republican candidate Mike Huckabee. Stallone proposed a no holds barred, winner take all cage match between himself and Norris, with the proceeds to go to the winner’s candidate. Sources close to the Huckabee campaign have stated that Norris has accepted, and the match will occur sometime next week in Madison Square Garden prior to the “Super Tuesday” primaries in February .

Both candidates are excited at the prospect of bolstering cash-strapped campaigns.

“I’m very proud to do what I can to support the original Rambo,” stated Stallone of Arizona Senator John McCain. “Yo, this guy can take a pounding. I like Chuck and all, and I’m just honored to be in the same ring with him, but I really believe I can take him. And yo, check out our new website, Facts About Sylvester”

A spokesperson for the Rudy Giuliani campaign scoffed at the trend of Republican presidential candidates touting such endorsements. “Mr. Giuliani doesn’t need some Hollywood actor to help make him look tough,” he stated, “he is a true leader with the means to have problems taken care of quickly and quietly.” The campaign denied that negotiations with film star Steven Segal had reached an impasse.

A spokesperson for former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney’s campaign refused to confirm or deny rumors that they were concluding negotiations for an endorsement from former child television actor and current reality TV star Danny Bonaduce.