Stan Lee Inks Deal for Disney Makeover

Hollywood, CA (O! Online) – Former Marvel Comics guru Stan Lee has signed a deal with Disney Studios rumored to be worth millions in which he will be responsible for a makeover of Disney characters. The deal arose in an effort by Disney to bolster diminishing box office receipts for movies which many critics claim are “out of touch” with an increasingly sophisticated younger audience.

Disney Studio chairman Dick Cook admitted that they had thrown in the towel in regards to strictly wholesome family entertainment, and had high hopes for Lee’s trademark abilities to transform their characters into more “three dimensional, lifelike, contemporary characters.”

Disney’s flagship icon Mickey Mouse will reportedly be the first to undergo “Marvelization” at the hands of Lee. Mickey will reportedly turn crime fighter/vigilante after donning an alien symbiotic suit which transforms him into the character “Venomaus”, an homage to Lee’s most successful character, Spiderman.

“Mickey is a natural for this role,” stated Lee. “It’s almost a no-brainer… the parallels between Mickey and Peter Parker, particularly in regards to the on-again off-again personal relationships between Minnie Mouse/Mary Jane Watson, only need a little tweaking. Mickey is a goody two shoes archetype who’s just begging for a reason to be a little bad. Think “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” with no regrets.”

Ironically, according to Lee, the next character scheduled for makeover should bring to an end a long-standing feud between Lee and Disney which has included litigation in the past.

“Donald Duck has come full circle,” beamed Lee. “I would be lying if I didn’t admit that it’s going to be a pleasure to stick a cigar in his beak and a machine gun under his wing, and allow him to achieve his full potential as Howard the Duck. I’ve also been talking with Jack Kirby about ways in which we can transform Hewey, Dewey, and Louie into a group of super powered “X-Ducks”.

“Venomaus” will be the first movie scheduled for release sometime next summer, pending an anticipated restructuring of the movie ratings board later this year.