Starbucks Launches Instant Coffee Crystals

(Seattle : Ucs News) The Starbucks Corporation announced today it would be marketing an “instant” version of it most popular coffees. Star Bucks President and CEO Jim Donald stated “The instant coffee market has been waiting a long time for Startbucks to dominate it, now we are ready.”

Startbucks research and development has created instant versions of the brands most popular items. The products are called “Starbucks Instant Gratification” or “SIG” and will be offered in super markets, gas stations, mini-bars and pretty much everywhere else hot water is available. The initial offering will include Frappuccino, capachinno, expresso , latte and Seattle drip.

Donald explained that Starbucks has fully penetrated every city, town, village and neighborhood in America and is looking for new ways to expand it’s busniness. According to industry experts Starbucks is only 6 months away from obliterating all resistance in the US coffee business and expects world domination by early 2009.

With these limits in sight Starbucks must look for other coffee markets to grind into submission.