State of Denial? Try, State of Boring…….

(Washington D.C.) Ucs News: Unconfirmed Sources report Bob Woodward’s new book is just old news. According to several White House staffers assigned to read State of Denial, “There is nothing new here.” The staffers declared the book rubbish then took the time to read it. The team poured through the 576 pages of the Woodward book “looking for truth” to refute.

The truth is, it is indeed boring. No one wants to hear how Rumsfeld and Bremer took a bad situation and made the worst of it. People are sick and tired of the same old money wasting and lives lost for nothing. Really, at this point, who cares if there were no weapons of mass destruction. Who cares that Colin Powell was fed lies that he passed on to the United Nations. Over it.

State of Denial doesn’t contain anything interesting. There are no dead girls or live boys, no priest abuse or alcoholism to catch the public’s imagination. Move over Karl Rove, you have been defeated by Mark Foley and John Mark Karr. The national debate on the failure of our nations’ leadership has been obliterated by two perverts.

And to you, Bob Woodward, stop beating this dead horse. The US is in Iraq to stay. To stay and bleed the blood of our troops and the wealth of our nation into the hot desert sand. To what end are we to debate this failure? Just what are you expecting us to do with this information Bob? Vote?