State of the Union Surprise! Bombers strike Iran

(Washington D.C., Ucs news) Us President George W. Bush shocked the world during his State of the Union address. After a brief series of introductions The President announced that a squadron of carrier launched F-117 Stealth bombers was at the very moment hitting leadership, military and atomic research facilities in Iran.

According to the The President he decided Iran had not been respecting the US. This lack of respect angered the President, so he has launched a preemptive war. The President went on to explain the war with Iran would require 230,000 troops and 1.5 trillion dollars over 12 years to complete.

The President explained he would be presenting evidence to the United Nations and US citizens in the coming years to justify the unwarranted attack. “I will explain the real reason, when I know it.” He said.

By the end of the speech The President updated the bombers progress. We have hit 45 targets in Iran and I can happily report all the targets have been destroyed.