Stop being a liberal, President Bush

From the right and always right, commentary by Randy Wright.

After watching FOX News commentator Jonathan Hoenig talk about the need to bomb Iran to help the Dow and economy move up, I couldn’t help but feel so good inside. Finally, somebody who really gets the truth, and is even willing to speak the truth, because he isn’t intimidated by the liberal media.

Everybody knows the secret to prosperity is more war. War is good for the economy for all sorts of reasons, but my favorite is that a lot of poor, useless eaters get killed in the process. I mean, this is just basic economics 101. Having a lot of non-productive people doing nothing except consuming resources is counter-productive!

I can’t believe it is already June of 2006, and still President Bush hasn’t started the bombing campaign against Iran. Well, I am here to tell President Bush that he needs to start the war now. And while he is at it, he should find ways to wipe poor people from the face of the earth. Bomb everything, everywhere, sparing the rich. That would be awesome for the economy.

President Bush, you need to stop letting the liberals control your moves. To all those liberals who think war is a bad thing: The sooner the war starts, the sooner it ends. With television programs like American Idol and Growing Up Gotti, blood and death are exactly what this country needs. So, COME ON MR. PRESIDENT! STOP BEING A LIBERAL!

So there you have it. I’m Randy Wright, from the right and always right.