Storm of the Century: Rita and Katrina to meet in New Orleans

Unconfirmed sources close to the National Weather Service report the two hurricanes are on track to duke it out once and for all in skies above Big Easy. Forecasters are predicting 200MPH winds and torrential rainfall. The Army Corp of engineers predicts demolished levies and a flooded city.

Storm chasers from across the country are ignoring evacuation orders and heading back to the Big Easy. Fans are predicting a full house at the super dome for the spectacle. Fans plan to “raise the roof” at the peak of the storm. Die hards plan to set up their portable doppler radars and chain themselves down at the 50 yard line.

Hurricane Rita will move in from the west after smashing Galveston Island and shredding Houston. Hurricane Katrina has spun through Georgia and will make a second pass over New Orleans Saturday afternoon. National Weather service predicts the storms will clash over the remains of the super dome Saturday night just after 8:00 PM eastern.

Las Vegas odds makers favor Rita as a fresh faced fighter, but proven killer Katrina will not be counted out so easily. Phat Tuesday, the infamous overweight lounge singer from the french quarter, gives the match to Katrina. “I say it got to be Killer Katrina, she’s wrecked an entire city and she ain’t done yet . What’s Rita done? Tear up an island and some oil refineries?”

Speaking from his home in Gloucester Mass, Sebastian Junger, author of The Perfect Storm said, “this is going to be the perfect shit-storm. Look out! “