Sue Lowden, Danny Tarkanian, Sharron Angle, John Chachas, and Bill Parson weigh in on brown peopl…

LAS VEGAS – Nevada GOP senatorial candidates took time to sit down with the Unconfirmed Sources editorial board to discuss their views on brown people control – that’s brown people control, since there is no possibility of illegal immigrants from Europe.

I like Arizona’s law. Stopping people based on the way they look, so long as they are brown, is a good idea. But my plan differs from Lowden’s because I favor removing the incentives to come here illegally, e.g. the education and welfare benefits. Anybody caught doing business with any foreigner should be fined. So cut off all international trade and commerce.

I one up Tarkanian. I not only favor stopping all brown colored people, I want to deport them and militarize the Nevada state border to keep all non-Nevadans out and trap all Nevadans in. Tanks, predator drones – nothing should be off the table. No brown colored people should be welcome in the state of Nevada. For that matter, we should ban outsourcing to other states and interstate commerce altogether.

Reid is doing what politicians do best, i.e. offering new legislation when we should just enforce existing laws. Although we already require drivers’ licenses to drive, social security cards to work, and passports to travel to Mexico and Canada, we need an e-verification system which poses no threat to individual liberties and doesn’t constitute a new law at all whatsoever. E-verification could never be transmuted into a “No-Work List” – not in this metastasizing police state. There’s no paradox in my position in being opposed to new laws yet for a new law. Anybody who hires a brown colored person should be fined heavily, although I do hire some brown people myself. Let’s ban outsourcing and commerce with Mexico.

Well, let’s see here. We already have a social security system. If people wish to engage in mutually beneficial and voluntary exchange, I think we can stick with that one. Stopping people because they are brown is unconstitutional.

Well, after consulting with my neo-Nazi buddies Russell Pearce and J.T. Ready, I say we lynch all brown colored people, and then build a wall around the state.

That’s easy. Deport them all to….whoever is willing to become the receiver. And then we can offer Mexico a bailout to accomodate the mass extradition. There is no possibility the Mexican government goes tit-for-tat by deporting American expats.

With the economy in shambles and much of the border fence constructed, many Mexican immigrants trying to flee the United States back into Mexico are reportedly stuck and can’t get out. Approximately 1,000,000 Mexican immigrants are trying to escape, but can’t. The latinophobes have scored a major victory. This is such a winning strategy. Congratulations, Republicans. You all just lost the latino vote.

There’s no possibility that drug laws empower drug cartels. If we end the war on drugs Americans won’t have to stop buying them from Mexican drug cartels, which fuels the violence. No truth to that one at all. Nope. That’s why there’s such a huge problem with violence associated with cigarette smugglers at the border. If we end the war on drugs this would do nothing to undermine CIA drug money either. The CIA has never been involved in narco-trafficking, which is why CIA planes connected to torture and rendition flights have also been loaded up with cocaine. Click here AFP: CIA rendition plane crashes with drugs and Google search results and this story on the guy who helped launch the MATRIX system.