Sue Lowden to buy U.S. Senate seat

LAS VEGAS – The Angle campaign has released secret documents to Unconfirmed Sources showing that even if Sue Lowden loses the primary, Senator Harry Reid is going to sell his U.S. Senate seat to Sue Lowden for approximately $6 million.

If this is true, then this renders the primary meaningless, since Lowden will go onto purchase the Senate seat anyways. Pursuant to the documents released by the Angle campaign, a Congressional seat goes for $2 million, while a Senate seat goes for $6 million.

“Six million for a Senate seat might be far below the market value, considering the fact that politicians have access to trillions of our dollars,” said Eric Herzik, a political scientist with UNR.

The secret documents reveal this secret Lowden plan to buy a Senate seat, even though she may not have been able to buy a primary win being up against every single PAC in the country by the time the day is finished.

“This has to be good news for the Lowden campaign, because even if she loses, she will still get the Senate seat,” Herzik said.