Superdelegate Yoda to Support Barack Obama

(Dagobah System) Ucs Galactic News– It’s been a tough week for the Barack Obama. But, Thursday he received some good news. A prominent Superdelegate moved from Hillary Clinton’s side over to his. This week’s flurry of Superdelegate action now includes a defection.

Jedi Master Yoda, a Superdelegate, said, ” My support from Senator Clinton to Senator Obama changing am I.” Obama staffers believe Yoda coming from the poverty stricken Dagobah system proves that Obama has working class appeal

The Master said, “Barack Obama able to rise above the politics of old seen have I. The force is very strong in him.”

Obama said, “I’m thrilled to the support of a Jedi Master like Yoda. Over his 900 years of political life he has built a high level of respect and credibility.” Obama Campaign manger David Plouffe stated.