Support For George W. Bush's Social Security Changes Seen To Be Slipping

The keystone of President George W. Bush’s second term, and a major part of the foundation that he hopes to build his legacy on, is in trouble. The President’s attempt to revamp the Social Security System has him running afoul of members of his core constituency, namely senior citizens, and is beginning to lose support from the younger Americans that Mr. Bush says will benefit the most under his changes. While at first seemingly in favor of the deposit of a portion of their Social Security payments into private investment accounts, most younger Americans now favor the idea of just not reporting their full income and stealing the money from the government instead like regular Bush Republicans and investing it themselves in petroleum futures and military armaments manufacturers with the proceeds to be deposited in offshore accounts.

Unnamed White House Source Wegman (Pudgy) Waterhouse, speaking on the condition of anonymity said, “You know, this is a hard one for me. As a thirty five year old man I’m right in the middle of that age group that the President is targeting, and of course I’m all for George W. Bush; I mean after all if he goes down I go down, that is assuming I don’t flip and turn States Evidence…which I will, don’t get me wrong. But I gotta admit that the idea of just stealing the money is a whole lot more appealing than trusting some government agency to manage it for me. But that’s just one part of it. As a Republican I’ve been brought up to believe that, as George Bush is so fond of saying, it’s my money. Even your money is my money. So the question becomes why the hell should I give my money to the government just so they can hold it for a couple of decades then give it back to me whether it’s in the Social Security fund or some investment account? Cut out the middle man, that’s what I say.”

Most younger Americans seem to agree with that sentiment. While there are still some misguided Liberals and Democrats that are indicating that they’re concerned about the solvency of the system so that their aged parents and poorer Americans will have a small safety net to protect them in their declining years, the majority of Bush Republicans are completely against the idea of caring for anyone but themselves, except by paying lip service to compassion in church. President Bush’s other core support group, Fundamentalist Christians, are in favor of helping those less fortunate but only as long as they join their church…anyone else can (and will) go to Hell.

Still, George Bush has more than three and a half years to bring Americans around to his point of view and that remains a distinct possibility. After all, the President was spot on in his assessment of the pre 9/11 Terrorist Threat Level, the danger posed by Saddam Hussein’s weapons of Mass Destruction and the use of duct tape and plastic to counter Bio-warfare attacks, so he has that innate sense of trust on his side. The question then becomes would trust George W. Bush to manage your money for you given his successes in the oil industry as a private citizen and the National Budget as President of the United States? The question seems to answer itself for the 59 million Americans who voted ( a good many of them against their best interests in order to keep Gays from marrying and giving birth to little Gay babies that God wouldn’t allow them to abort) for him in November of 2004.