Supreme Court Nominee Samuel Alito Orders Changes to Court Building

Unconfirmed sources report that Samuel Alito isn’t wasting any time in putting his mark on the Supreme Court. Not being content to wait for confirmation Alito has decided to remedy what he calls the ‘over separation’ between church and state. Early this morning workmen started construction on the steeple that will soon grace the Supreme Court Building.

“This is gonna be a great building when we are done.” said crane operator Ken Bicksly as he carefully guided the new steeple to the roof of the court house. “I think this will be a fine improvement to this old heap. We should have this steeple in place and secure in a day or two and then we will be moving on to the Capital Building. They say we will be heading over the White House after that, but that’s not a done deal yet.”

Samuel Alito Jr. has been doing the meet and greet circuit on capitol hill this week to smooth the way for his confirmation and the subject of the separation church and state has become a big issue.

Senator John Cornyn, a Texas Republican on the Judiciary Committee, said that Thursday in a private meeting Judge Alito expressed empathy for “the impression that the court’s decisions were incoherent on the matter of the separation of church and state in a way that really gives the impression of hostility to religious speech and religious expression.”

“Sam has assured me that he will give clarity to the court on this issue and I think the steeple on the court house will send a pretty clear message.” said Cornyn.

Court watchers are surprised that Alito is taking these actions before his confirmation, but agree that decisive actions like this could do nothing but help the Bush Administration struggle out of it currently listless state. Bush’s base is viewing Alito’s actions with great interest and excitement.